You Decide! Vote for your Best (and worst) Number One Singles!

As we are 600 chart-toppers not out (and 20 recaps down) I thought, just for fun… Let’s a have poll on what you, dear readers of this little blog, think are the best, and the worst, #1s so far.

And my apologies, for you are beholden to the 21 records I’ve chosen as my ‘Very Best Chart-toppers’, and the 20 records I’ve chosen as my ‘Very Worst’, in each recap. But, you can vote for as many of the listed songs as you’d like. And you can always let me know how very wrong I was to choose/not choose a record in the comments. The voting will be open forever in theory, but I’ll report back and let you know the initial results in a week or so…

The Best:

Looking back at my choices, I do wonder what I saw in ‘Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White’ in my 2nd recap (though pickings were slim in 1955). I’d also, given a do-over, choose ‘Get Off Of My Cloud’ over ‘Satisfaction’ in recap seven. I stand by the rest of them, though. Even Mungo Jerry, Mud, and Bucks Fizz! (Though I might easily have swung for ‘Land of Make Believe’ over ‘My Camera Never Lies’ on a different day…)

The Worst:

As for the worst… Well there are some that are truly heinous (The Firm, J J Barrie, Dana…) and others that seemed to suffer from being around during otherwise stellar periods for pop music. The Bachelors are more bland than terrible, but came out in 1964 which, for my money, is the best ever year for #1s. While I regret using up Cliff’s ‘Worst’ award on a bland country ditty, knowing the horrors he has still to come…

Thanks for taking part! The usual countdown will resume with chart-topper 601 in a few days, fittingly the Christmas #1 for 1987. And it’s a song that veers more towards the ‘Best’ than the ‘Worst’. Yay!


12 thoughts on “You Decide! Vote for your Best (and worst) Number One Singles!

  1. Just FYI. It seems that if you read this post in WordPress Reader, you have to follow the link to the poll. If you visit my site, the poll is viewable without following a link… Technology, eh?

  2. Although I’m not the biggest Bowie fan, I admit there is a timeless quality to ‘Space Oddity’, which pipped ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in the 361-390 sequence. Had it been down to me, I’d have probably needed to toss a coin in choosing between ‘Bo Rhap’ and the IMHO no less magnificent ‘Down Down’, but there we go. And a little earlier on, there was the achingly close contest between two immortal glam rock classics, ‘See My Baby Jive’ and ‘Tiger Feet’, with presumably ‘Blockbuster’ hot on their heels. ‘Twas truly a golden age for music…

    • Yes there were just too many glam classics crammed into 3 years or so, and in the end Slade, Wizzard and Sweet all missed out. I now regret that slightly, as Mud as a band weren’t in the same league… But dammit Tiger Feet is just so irresistible that I couldn’t deny it’s winning the award. Thanks for voting!

  3. Loved being able to vote! That is really cool. I tried that with WordPress with the question Ginger or Mary Ann?

    She Loves You my #1 and The Big E with Wooden Heart had my vote for worse.

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