Cover Versions of #1s – Joan Jett & Oasis

For my last two covers of the week, I’m going back to the age of glam. I do miss the days when every second chart-topper was a glam-rock stomper…

‘I Love You Love Me Love’, by Joan Jett – originally a #1 in 1973 for you-know-who.

The only problem with ‘the age of glam’ is that one of its biggest stars turned out to be a prolific sex-offender. Despite trying not to, I did enjoy the first two of Gary Glitter’s three #1s. How to listen to them these days, though, without feeling a bit icky? Luckily, Americans have no idea who Glitter is/was, and are happy to use his music at sporting events and in the soundtracks to major Hollywood movies. Joan Jett made a habit of covering old 60s and 70s tunes and giving them a power-rock feel in the eighties. (Yes, I know, he probably still gets royalties. I didn’t say it was a perfect plan…)

‘Cum on Feel the Noize’, by Oasis – originally a #1 in 1973, for Slade

I have complicated feelings towards Oasis. They were once my favourite band (if you were a teenage boy, growing up in suburban Scotland, in the late 90s, you had to love Oasis, it was as good as law). But I don’t listen to them much these days. Liam and Noel are as moronic as they are funny, and they attract a certain type of ‘fan’… And yet, watching this performance at Maine Road, at the height of their popularity, you can see why they were so huge, and it proves anyone who thinks Liam couldn’t sing very wrong. Obnoxious lines like: So you think my singing’s out of time, Well it makes me money… might well have been custom-written for him. Oasis are famously mocked for copying the Beatles, but I’ve also heard them described as ‘Status Slade’. I think whoever said that meant to be bitchy, but I can’t think of a more fun sounding hybrid band. Anyway, I’ll have plenty of time to reassess Oasis when I cover their eight #1s – ‘Cum on Feel the Noize’ was a ‘B’-side to their second (and best…?) chart-topper, ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’.

Next week it’s back to the usual countdown, starting with chart-topper number 501.


25 thoughts on “Cover Versions of #1s – Joan Jett & Oasis

  1. On the Rock Hall discussion podcast I shared, I love the part when one of the hosts was saying Oasis will eventually get inducted because they have the thing that rock institutions love which is that they’re total assholes. Of course, an Oasis induction is fun to think about to see if the brothers would ever reunite to speak and perform. Oasis haven’t been on a ballot yet but it feels like the Hall will eventually get to them when getting to the big ‘90s bands even if they weren’t as big in America but are known enough thanks to “Wonderwall” being a Top 10 hit. Plus, the Hall are inducting or nominating British acts that were more popular at home like Roxy Music, T Rex, and Kate Bush though no Slade so we’ll see.

    • If Oasis did ever get inducted, I can see Noel going to accept and Liam live-bitching about it on Twitter. I’d say they deserve it, though, as they were huge just about everywhere but North America

  2. Oasis just do not seem to have stood the test of time any more than some of those amusing-at-the-time but oh-so politically incorrect sitcoms of the 1970s, usually on ITV, do they? They have dated badly IMHO. I really enjoyed them at their peak, 1995-6, and thought Noel really had it as a songwriter. But Liam’s defiant anti-stage presence, with his hands folded behind his back and the general impression that he’d far rather be somewhere else than performing live for the great unwashed, ceased to become funny after a while. And the first time I heard this cover version, I thought, ‘Gordon Bennett, you’re not fit to wipe the mirrors on Noddy Holder’s top hat.’ Nobody sings Slade like Slade, and Liam does not come within a mile.

    • I’m not sure I’d say they’ve aged badly, at least not for me. It’s more a case of what I liked aged 16 not doing it for me as much anymore. Liam is a bit of a plonker, and is almost a caricature of himself these days, but he was probably the last true ‘rock star’ and I do have a soft spot for him. Who’s come since…? Chris Martin? Nah. Pete Doherty? Please. Ed Sheeran… Lord no!

      • I can see that. The trilogy you mention do not inspire one (where have all the good vocalists gone?). But I agree that Liam does seem to have descended into self-parody, quite apart from that rather whiny voice. Noel has that rather endearing grin even though he’s not the greatest voice on the block. Oh, and I said nobody sings Slade like Slade, but Quiet Riot came close enough. And if I could think of anyone else qualified to cover the Holder-Lea songbook, Kiss would probably be it. ‘Crazy Crazy Nights’ was one of the best Slade records they did not make.

  3. Joan Jett brought glam to the usa so yay for her. I have absolutely no problem playing glitter records as he doesnt get a penny from me playing my vinyl or cds. He got that cash long before he was convicted of anything, tho i heard jailbirds dont get any cash from use in films, cough, joker while hes inside.

    Oasis were great. Yes, Beatles and Slade, yes both gallaghers need their heads knocking together, but they both still make good records, and the classics still sound classic to me (the ballads). I was never that bothered with rocking Oasis, but i enjoyed TOTP plugging both sides of the single and giving Slade to a new generation. Covers might not be as good, frequently, but they are a gateway drug to young people to research the originals and become fans. So all is always forgiven when a cover is done for love rather than x factor bombast.

  4. I like both of these. I do like Oasis becasue they were not overplayed over here. The brothers are annoying but I do like their music.

      • They also did another SLADE song…it’s like damn dudes…can you not like…uh….write one? What was the other one?

      • Oh yea…well at least they wrote one! LOL…No I know….the singer got on my nerves…plus they had that hair-metal 80s thing going on… and I’m legally allergic to that lol.
        No the mental health one was catchy.

      • Yea not just them…you can sub RATT or many others. The deep hatred I have of that decade…. is really frightening.

      • I never liked RATT. Motley Crue was so-so. Guns -n- Roses, a few songs… I couldn’t stand Iron Maiden or Judas Priest or Black Sabbath. I was into Def Leppard & AC/DC (both versions). I’m really more hard rock than metal. I liked Night Ranger, Foreigner…Bon Jovi has been played to death. If I hear about Tommy & Gina, again, I’m gonna scream. I did like 90s grunge.

      • Have to admit Motley Crue are a huge guilty pleasure for me… I think they were better musicians and songwriters than your average hair metal band. Though their private lives leave a lot to be desired… I agree about Bon Jovi, though: ‘Living on a Prayer’ and ‘It’s My Life’ need banning at this point.

      • Oh, they have a few songs I like.

        With Bon Jovi, I liked Runaway, Wanted Dead or Alive & Keep the Faith. You Give Love A Bad Name is another one I am tired of.

        Cinderella is another one I couldn’t stand. That lead singer…I always wanted him to cough.

      • Oh I liked the 90s better. I remember playing and these other bands would have spandex and poofed out hair in the 80s…me… either bluejeans and a vest or flannel shirt like Fogerty.
        It was so ridulas looking….but that was just me… I remember one band we knew played Poison…Every Rose…. I I would yell out Every Rose had it’s prick lol. Of course we all knew each other well.

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